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This summer 2017 Build Your Worlds will work with the local communities in a new exciting project…



Exciting times ahead in preparation for the ‘Moving with the Wind’ performance the 24th of May in Margate beach.

As the Build Your World collective is  approaching the exhibition date 24th of May 2014, costume designer Anna Cocciadiferro is experimenting with the first textile ideas for the dance performance in the lovely surroundings of Margate beach in Kent.  Dancers Emelie Wangstedt and Elisa Vassena are part of the textile pieces development, and their curious movements feed into the creative process for. An important aspect of this live art performance piece is to utilise the surroundings to the fullest by adapting the art work accordingly. The sand, the wind, the water and the shifting temperature are all challenges explored in this project, naturally titled ‘Moving with the wind’.

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Build Your Worlds event 19th May 2013- Dulwich Park

Let the day begin!  

7.30am. Carlos and I arrived to unload the van… 


More pictures here in the slideshow: Build Your Worlds 19th May 2013 Dulwich Park

The sound system people were already unpacking. Then Carlos got busy with the windmills… under John’s close supervision and useful safety advice.

10am. The dancers arrived and began warming up, followed by the musicians who set up under the gazibo.
11am. It’s time for the costumes to be handed over by Anna (costume designer) to the dancers, getting changed in the van, and everyone is now ready for a last minute rehearsal with the kids…
Let the show begin!
12pm. First the game then the performance…
Workshops and pompom making is popular with the stewards too!
John and colleague from Southwark Council are setting up one windmill on the other side to draw attention to the workshops and to the structures being built by the children and their parents.
Everyone is gradually getting involved into the Build Your Worlds concept…
The day ended with the team enjoying well deserved drinks and bbq at the pub in Dulwich Village, the weather was still amazing and we could all sit outside!

Here is a clip so you can hear an extract of one of James’ compositions: Video clip

Enjoy the pictures!


It would be a bit difficult to define… are they really costumes? Anna’s creations are exciting to look at and we have started working with them and having fun. They pose interesting questions….More visuals to come soon but for the time being and to keep you intrigued…ImageImageImageImage