The Story goes

BUILD YOUR WORLDS is an adventure in place-making, a collective journey of transformation and artistic discovery.

BUILD YOUR WORLDS a collective journey of transformation
and artistic discovery.

Build Your Worlds (BYW) began in 2013 and brought together
four artists who share essential creative principles. Driven by
the core objective of encouraging participation and community
engagement, the artists seek to collectively create new forms
of site-specific installation and performance. Choreographer,
composer, costumier and textile artist build temporary outdoor
environments for audiences to experience, adapt and explore.

Our current project ‘Moving with the Wind’ is in collaboration
with Turner Contemporary in Margate. On the opening of the
Mondrian and Colour exhibition on the 24th of May 2014, we invite the
public to interact with sculpted landscape, performance and
music inspired by the work of Mondrian.

‘Moving with the Wind’ will offer hundreds of people the
opportunity to participate creatively and will seek to transform
the perception of the landscape surrounding the Turner
Contemporary Gallery, and Margate itself.






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