Creative team:

Carlos Cortes, Creative Director.

Carlos Cortes has worked successfully since the 80’s in the fields of performing and visual arts. His work has been exhibited, published and performed in several European countries and the USA. His current practice is focused in the relationship between human groups, their activities and the space they inhabit, the objects they use and the traces they leave. He uses found objects as starting point for most of his paintings, 3D objects and installations. Movement, interactivity and visual elements are important in his performances. His practice is also defined by an interest in audience participation, and the relationship between architecture, landscape and site-specific issues.

James Welland, Composer.

James was studied as a music undergraduate at King’s College, London and the Royal Academy of Music, before completing a Master’s in composition at St. John’s College, Cambridge under the tutelage of Robin Holloway. Recently achievements include writing soundtrack music for a nanotechnology documentary narrated by Stephen Fry (first prize at the Scinema Science Short Film Festival), being awarded the Reinstein prize at the University of Cambridge, and performing on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. His classical compositions have been performed by a variety of groups, from the Britten Sinfonia to Lontano. As a pop music composer, he has worked with producers such as Rymez (#1 UK Charts, Wiley – Heatwave), Sillkey (#3 UK Charts, Wiley – Can You Hear Me) and Krunchie (Amplify Dot – Kurt Cobain).

Anna Cocciadiferro, Costume Designer.

Anna has worked extensively on community arts textile projects such as Textile Circuit as part of the Cultural Olympiad and sensory textile installations for Schools, Community centres and Museums. Community and immersive theatre collaborations have included Music in the Community, Tag Theatre, Spitalfields Music Festival, Foolish people, Stellar Quines, The Arches, Hopscotch and Theatre Modo.

Andrea Østmo da Costa, Costume Assistant.

Andrea is a Textile designer and artist graduate from Central Saint Martins.  She has exhibited work in her home town of Oslo, Norway and has been continuously exploring the use of sustainably sourced materials in her textile work. How the meeting point between crafts, arts and design can be expressed a question that drives her to questioning the manner that we value objects and our surrounding environment.


Emelie Wangstedt, Dancer.

Emelie is a performer and dance maker with a degree from Laban. She has worked at the Hayward Gallery (Art of Change: New Directions from China, Move: Choreographing You), performed works by Yvonne Rainer, Lea Anderson and the Conway Collective and has recently been an emerging dance artist at the Southbank Centre. Her practice is based on improvisation, both in research and performance, and she has shown her work in theatres and galleries in the UK and Sweden.

Elisa Vassena, Dancer.

Originally from Italy, Elisa holds a BA in Dance Theatre from Laban, graduating in July 2012. During her studies, she had the chance to perform works by Matteo Fargion, Steve Paxton, Marie Gabrielle Rotie and Rachel Lopez de la Nieta. Recently, she performed in Tino Sehgal’s These Associations (Tate Modern), Josiah McElheny’s Interactions of the Abstract Body (White Cube Gallery) and Janine Harrington’s 8640 Minutes (part of A million Minutes)


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