‘Moving with the Wind’ performance 24th of May in Margate, Kent

The performance of the piece ‘Moving with the Wind’ was presented on Saturday the 24th of May inside the Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, Kent. Music, dance and textures combined interpreting the Dutch painter Piet Mondrians journey from representation to abstraction. It was a wonderful day with an engaging audience and great feedback! Video of the performance will soon be available and viewable on our blog.

Keep following the blog for updates on future projects! A grand thank you to our dancers:

Michaela Cisariková, Elisa Vassena, Emelie Wångstedt, and Kali Chanfrasegaram
and guest musicians:  Justine Bui and Lucy Ladymore

Finally to the Build Your Worlds Collective!

bluefullteam skirtyellow

Photos by Saskia Evans http://www.saskiaevans.com/



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